Our fully equipped fitness center designed strictly for racers allows us to accomplish all of our fitness goals with each and every racer.

Fitness has become more and more popular over the years since RC showed how dominant you can be if you put all the pieces together. At ClubMX, fitness is a priority. Fitness plays a huge part in many areas of racing: warm ups, high intensity racing, recovery, and mental confidence.

We use several methods of measurement to determine each racer's fitness level and then individualize each program to meet the specific needs of each racer. We will educate our racers on the advantages of using heart rate monitors, proper warm ups, cardiovascular training, and proper recovery.

Our fitness programs are based on the periodization principle in which we vary the intensity and frequency of exercises at specific times so that riders are at their peak for their most important races. This is done according to the racer's schedule.

Like the chain on your motorcycle, your body is only as strong as your weakest link. During the off season and long breaks, we determine each rider's weakest area. We focus on muscular conditioning during this time, and strive to make our muscle gains during our off season as this time allows us to be lighter on cardio. We will isolate areas of the body and focus on muscle building in each person's weakest areas to balance these areas. In areas of the body that are already well balanced, we strengthen those areas even more to increase maneuverability of the bike and to promote injury prevention. Programs are set up to ensure proper recovery in each area. Our focus is not on bulk strength, but having the appropriate strength for your bike size and class is an important key to a well balanced racer.

As we get closer to race season, we start mixing a blend of strength training with a higher amount of cardio exercises as well as balance exercises. We will raise the intensity of our strength training program and start focusing more on total body strength routines instead of isolation. Our total body workouts teach our muscles to work together like we need them to on the bikes.

With race time right around the corner, we switch our focus to high intensity circuit training and cardio. Cardiovascular conditioning is what carries every racer through a long moto and through the demanding racing season. Circuit training is the combination of a group of strength exercises performed at a high rep, high intensity pace while often mixing a cardio exercise between circuits, such as rowing, cycling, and running. Our programs, designed to optimize the peak of fitness for the most important races, include a variety of circuit training days, total cardio days, as well as recovery days throughout the week to increase lactic threshold.

Proper warm up and recovery routines are a major component of fitness. Often overlooked, these important keys will be stressed during a rider's stay with us. We cannot reach maximum performance without proper warm ups. This is true not only for our workout sessions but, more importantly, when racing. With that said, your workout is only as good as your recovery. We will make sure that every rider is fully recovered before our next session, while our special recovery cardio routine and nutrition will ensure we are recovered in the shortest amount of time possible.

Stretching is also one of the things overlooked while it is another very critical part of our program. Long, loose muscles will always work better for endurance athletes such as racers, and will also play a major role in injury prevention.