While Brandon Haas was training with a group of his students in the South Carolina area in the winter of 2009, he met Zach Osborne. A friendship was made, and Brandon and his riders began using Zach's tracks in Chesterfield, South Carolina periodically for training. Zach, a top Yamaha rider in the World Championship GP circuit, and Brandon began discussing how much riders would be able to improve if they had the opportunity to train and live at a facility that offers all the tools needed for motocross. They both envisioned a full-blown training facility that top amateur and professional riders could use at an affordable price.

After a year of hard work, they were able to pull in investors with the same goals for the facility and build their dream, a 100-acre facility complete with multiple outdoor and supercross tracks, and an arenacross track that are all maintained and redesigned regularly. Facilities were also constructed to make training more productive, a fully equipped fitness center was designed with motocross racers in mind, a workshop with bike storage and a personal work area, a full time mechanic, housing, full RV hookups with concrete pads, schooling assistance, and recreational areas. Clubmx is that dream.