ClubMX is proud to offer a full scale pro-spec supercross track that is over 1 min in lap times. The supercross track is separate from the motocross tracks so that members can enjoy privacy when training for supercross with our trainers. Our supercross track designs are changed regularly to keep some variety for our riders. On average you will see 3-4 complete new designs throughout the supercross season for our members. ClubMX replicates many AMA supercross tracks on the schedule and design our own as well.

The dirt is a loose red clay, that we mix clay into from our clay pits on site. This loose soil offers us the ability to create the exact soil compaction that we want by mixing clay, but also keep the soil to where we can ride even after mother nature throws a curve ball. Club strives to have the perfect dirt, that simulates race conditions the best we can. Everyday you will find multiple lines around the track in race conditions. Our full time track builder and maintenance crew preps the track to race conditions every day of the week!

This track features a full My Laps Trackside lap timing system with LED display board to display riders lap times as they cross the finish. Times are stored for up to 1 year, and riders can check all times that have been logged. We utilize this system as part of our training programs as well as riders utilizing it when they want to put a little extra work in at the end of the day.

ClubMX's supercross riding program involves working with all three riding coaches; Brandon Haas, Mike Evenson, and Gary Semics. Depending on what that day of training involves, is dependent on which trainer's are working with the riders. Club utilizes the strongest traits of each trainer for the specific goals the riders have for that day. With the experience of Gary, the fire in Mike, and the overall picture Brandon has, Club pulls all the pieces together into one unique program. Riding coaches work hand in hand with Sara Shymske as the lead fitness trainer, and Debra Meszaros as the Body performance coach. This team of coaches insures that our riding, fitness, and nutrition programs all match together in a educated way, and also providing each rider the attention they need to achieve their personal goals. This team of coaches is what sets ClubMX apart from the rest!

The Supercross track is leveled into a flat pad during the motocross season and utilized as a corner track.