Our objective at ClubMX is clear, to provide the best facility in the nation to help racers succeed by utilizing a unique blend of resources available to us. We strive to provide the toughest, roughest, most physically demanding tracks available. Our tracks are kept in those conditions 7 days a week to match all of our members' training regimens.

While we provide the very best in motocross training, we understand that every racer is different and our programs may be altered to suit everyone. We welcome all racers to our facility, whether they are training with us or on their own programs. Our training programs provide a special blend of racing strategies which include: technique, and mental & physical training. Most importantly, we surround all of our members with a positive atmosphere. We believe that if everyone has the same goal and tasks at hand, we will all help each other become the champion which we all strive to be.

Our facility and programs may not be perfect for everyone. We do 1 year commitments starting with a 2 week trial to make sure that every rider is a good fit here at the Club! Hard working dedicated kids and families is what surrounds this place. Come check us out!