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Exciting New Developments Happening at the Club!

October 3 2011

The staff at ClubMX have been working hard to make ClubMX an even better facility for everyone here. We started by pouring a new basketball court. Right now it is only a half court but soon we will finish it by making it a full court. The ClubMX kids are enjoying it. A couple times a week after they are done with their training and work outs, the kids split up into teams and compete on the court. The new basketball court is a hit at ClubMX. This past week we also completed our above ground swimming pool. Phil is hard at it finishing all the landscaping around the basketball court and swimming pool area. Mark Osborne was busy yesterday making a new area for the sand volleyball court to go as well. The RC track is in the drawings right now. Brandon is working hard to perfect it. Phil and Brandon are working on the mountain bike trail. Brandon and Phil are also working on pouring some new RV sites. The cafeteria is full steam ahead. The company working on the building for us has ordered in the wood and are cutting it to scale for delivery. Phil will be pouring the concrete base for the building this week. The cafeteria will feature a brand new, huge kitchen space for our cook to work in, a movie theater for the kids to enjoy at night along with a lofted recreation area with a pool table and ping pong table. The cafeteria will be a great addition to the ClubMX Training Facility. Everyone is very excited to see the finished product. Construction is still under way but before we know it, it will be completed. There are so many things going on at the Club right now. It is exciting for everyone. We are striving to make new improvements all the time for our customers in order to statisfy everyone involved. Everyone at ClubMX is working hard to make everything look great for the open ride day on October 22-23.