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ClubMX summer info!

May 4 2011

With fuel prices going higher and higher, the costs of everyday travel to the track just to ride has become difficult for most. Combined with track fees and other travel expenses, its hard for most to get a solid week of riding in on tracks that are simply not up to par for what you are trying to achieve with your racing. ClubMX has not just tracks, but everything needed to get the job done at one location without fuel prices affecting what we do. Not just tracks here, but fitness, recreation, food, and lodging all in one spot, hassle free, and a simple 3 miles from town when needed.

ClubMX is not going into maintenance mode by any means while most are getting scared by rising fuel prices. We have been working harder then ever to try and make ClubMX every riders dream to live and train here. We have hauled 100+ Truck loads of clay and mixed into our front track, and have another 100+ to be hauled in the next week. New sections have been added to the front track along with major changes to the design. We added another water truck to our equipment line up to make sure everyday is race conditions not matter how hot the South Carolina heat gets. A new ripper and rotary tiller for our tractor to prep the track exactly how Loretta Lynns and pro national tracks do. A full time mechanic with race shop has now became part of the ClubMX seen, offering mechanical services and parts at discounted prices for our members. A full basketball court is currently in construction, and another new building is in the works to be started in the next couple of weeks, featuring a full cafeteria, recreational center, and a full on movie theater with 20ft projection TV! Other improvements around the facility have been added and are currently being worked on such as landscaping with grass and trees, outdoor showers and ice baths, new fencing, and much more! Remember, ClubMX is only in its rookie season, we are just getting started?

Our training programs are customized individually for each racer's goals, abilities, and racing schedule. Riders live and train with us throughout the year, full time with off-time scheduled into each program or here for a certain camp. Fitness, mental skills, nutrition, training, and racing are all part of our program.
We follow a structured daily schedule in order to attain all of our goals. Riders typically spend 2-3 hours of on-the-bike training with trainers mon-fri. Programs are structured into phases throughout the year.

Fitness is a large portion of our training programs and is part of our everyday routine. Again, the intensity and type of workout depends on the phase of the program we are in. Warm up, stretching, and recovery are always part of our programs year-round. Strength training, cardio, and different forms of circuits are built around each riders yearly racing schedule. No matter what time of the year, fitness is a daily part of our program weather its simply to aid recovery or we are working on weak areas. We try to incorporate as much real life fitness into our programs as possible, to make our riders a better overall athletes. For example, instead of going on a road bike ride we incorporate mountain bike racing into our programs whenever possible, or instead of running we play a intense game of basketball. Anything we can do that keeps us loose, agile, coordinated and mental involved we will try to substitute into our program. Of course we spend time inside the gym doing things that simply can not be done else where, but real life active sports is a major role in our programs.

Becoming a professional racer and making a successful career of motocross has a very short window of opportunity, so the finer details like nutrition play a larger role than one would think. To make sure we are able to go 100% on our high intensity days, we have to make sure we have the right nutrition package in place to keep energy levels high. More importantly, we can't have the high intensity day if we did not have a proper recovery from the previous workout. Nutrition not only aids in keeping us going longer and harder, but aids in recovery to keep us going day after day and never missing a beat. Whether you're an amateur or professional, learning how to supply your body with its unique requirements can have a dramatic impact on your endurance and overall performance and your overall well-being. We are all bio-chemically unique individuals and our nutrition programs are designed to match all of our rider's requirements with the help of our nutritional consultant, Debra Meszaros. Full health evaluations are required at the start of our program if participating in our nutrition program.

By putting together a full program, paying attention to even the smallest of details, we ensure that our riders are confident in knowing they have done what it takes to be the champion they set out to be. Our coaching strategies help the riders to develop mental confidence and our pre-race strategies help make our riders mentally tough.
Our full time training programs are designed strictly for current professional racers or those whose goals are to become professional racers. We train with the intensity of the athlete we aspire to be and nothing less.

Programs will be individually tailored for each rider's goals and racing schedule. Please contact us for further information about our full time training programs.

Loretta's Program 10 Weeks Total $440/wk $4,400 Total May 23 - July 29

The 10 week Loretta's program is designed for serious racers who do not live here full time, but want to be here to get ready for Loretta Lynn's. This program will insure that our riders are fully prepared for the event. The 10 week period is designed to peak our fitness levels for this particular event. The South Carolina heat, our rough and rutted tracks combined with our structured training program will make sure our riders have the speed and mental advantage to accomplish there goals. RV pad or housing is included in this price.

Loretta's Boot Camp 5 Weeks Total $550/wk $2,750 June 27 - July 29

Our 5 week boot camp prior to Loretta's will whip you into the best shape possible in this amount of time. This program focus's heavily on starts, moto's and fitness. The Boot Camp is a great option for northern riders who can't be here for the longer programs, but looking to climate to the heat before the event and get race prepped in short time. You need to understand what the heat does to your body during intense physical activities. We train you for the un-expected.

We only take a limited number of riders at any time at our facility. If interested in further information about any of our programs, please contact us right away. Deposits are required to hold each spot. RV pads and housing is available upon request.

Full Time Training with RV pad: $9,700 ($202/wk)
6 wk or more Training with housing: $440/wk
6 wk or more Training with RV pad: $400/wk
5 Week boot camp for LL: $550/wk
Meal Program breakfast/dinner provided: $150/month
Health evaluations scan, results and diet: $135

ClubMX - 857 Croft Jones RD - Chesterfield, SC 29709 507-269-9736