Full Time

At Clubmx we focus on yearly contracts with riders, our full time training programs are customized individually for each racer's goals, abilities, and racing schedule. Riders live and train with us for a full calendar year with off-time scheduled into each program. Fitness, mental skills, nutrition, training, and racing are all part of our program. We limit the facility to 27 available spots, to insure between all the staff members and riders we can keep the one on one attention the riders need, but still utilizing the small group training benefits. We have 3 riding coaches, 1 fitness trainer, 1 body performance coach, and a full time track builder all working hard everyday for our members. Riders train in groups of 4-7 riders throughout the week, with 1 or 2 trainers working with that group during there scheduled training times.

ClubMX has a fully furnished 3 bed/ 2 bath house, cabins, and RV sites equipped with concrete pad, full electric, water and septic hookups. The cost is $1,471/month ($1,546/month for cabins) with a year contract which includes housing or RV slot, training, physical fitness training, nutrition training, and mental coaching. Our riders train and ride Mon-Fri, with option to ride open practice at the Practice Facility over the weekends. The facility and staff are here year round, while only shutting down for a total of 3 weeks throughout the year. We also have a full-time nutritionist who lives here and cooks nutritionally-sound organic breakfasts and dinners Mon-Fri for an additional cost as part of our meal program. Custom shakes are available for lunch and recovery through out the day.

Each rider signs a 1-year contract, which stipulates that the rider has to commit to a 2-week trial and a $500 deposit. This 2-week trial is for the rider to experience the “#clublife” experience and make sure it is right for the rider, as well as for the ClubMX trainers to make sure the rider fits in and is right for the facility. At the end of the 2 week trial, staff and rider will meet to determine if committing to the year contract or not. Year can be paid up front for a discounted price, or monthly payments are due based on the contracted term.

We follow a structured daily schedule in order to attain all of our goals for Monday through Friday. Riders typically spend 3-4 hours of on-the-bike training with trainers daily with time after to ride on their own. Weekly schedules are planned every Monday based on each riders upcoming races. Programs are structured into different phases throughout the year. Depending on what phase of training the rider may be in, focus may be on working sections, cutting lap times, or working on technique. For race phases we focus heavily on starts, sprints and motos in preparation for a race. Off season has heavy focus on base training, technique and section work.

Fitness is always a large part of our everyday routine in order to aid in recovery or to address weak areas. Again, the intensity level and the type of workout depends on the phase of the program we are in. Warm ups, stretching, and recovery are always part of our programs year-round. Strength training, cardio, and different forms of circuits are built around each rider's yearly racing schedule. Private physical therapy time is available each day for riders rehabbing injuries, or working on individual needs.

We attend the Charlotte Mountain Bike series throughout the summer on Wednesday nights for our Wednesday workout. We try to incorporate real life sports into our programs to help keep our riders loose, agile, coordinated and mentally competitive no matter what we are doing. Of course, we spend time inside the gym doing things that simply can not be done else where, but traditional active sports are often incorporated in our training programs.

Becoming a professional racer and making a successful career of motocross has a very short window of opportunity, so the finer details like nutrition play a larger role than one would think. To make sure we are able to go 100% on our high intensity days, we have to make sure we have the right nutrition package in place to keep energy levels high. More importantly, we can not have a high intensity day if we did not have a proper recovery from the previous workout. Nutrition not only aids in keeping us performing longer and harder, but it also aids in recovery to keep us going day after day. Whether you're an amateur or professional, learning how to supply your body with what is necessary to perform can have a dramatic impact on your endurance and overall performance. We are all bio-chemically unique individuals and we must match our nutrition programs to all of our rider's needs accordingly. We accomplish this with the help of our body performance coach, Debra Meszaros, who is a certified sports nutritionist. Full health evaluations are required at the start of our program for each rider. Debra is on site full time, and is also our full time chef.

By putting together a complete program, paying attention to even the smallest of details like supplements, ice baths, heart rate monitoring, we ensure that our riders are confident in knowing they have done what it takes to be the champion they set out to be. Our coaching strategies help riders to develop mental confidence and our pre-race strategies help make our riders mentally tough. We train with the intensity of the athlete we aspire to be and nothing less.

Programs will be individually tailored for each rider's goals and racing schedule. Please contact us for further information about our full time training programs.