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What’s the Problem With Your Yogurt?

April 29 2013

What’s the problem with your yogurt?
By: Debra Meszaros
Body Performance Coach- Clubmx

Yogurt, one of the most popular health foods; is it all that it is hyped up to be? Or has the dairy industry fooled us again?

More Americans than ever before now understand the positive affects of exercise and proper nutrition. Nutritional education is on the rise as more foundations, websites, and companies stream endless information. From dieters, to health conscious individuals, most believe that yogurt belongs on the healthy food list; but is all yogurt created equal?

Yogurt contains probiotics, active cultures that aid your body with digestion and immune support. This fact allows yogurt to enter the healthy food list, but those consuming fat free yogurt for dietary weight loss reasons might be surprised to find out that fat free yogurt may be the wrong choice. Since the fat is removed or reduced, it is often replaced with fruit, sugar, or some alternate form of sugar. These ingredients often increase your blood sugar levels which can lead to the production of fat in your body. Additionally, when yogurt lacks fat, it may increase your desire for food since fat has a satiety factor, satisfying your body with its preferred source of energy. When yogurt lacks fat, the body will normally want more food within an hour or two. If you can find full fat yogurt made from grass-fed cows, the fat content is balanced, very healthy; and will contain powerful vitamin K2, CLA, and omega 3’s. This makes full fat yogurt the best form of yogurt.

From the probiotic standpoint, many consume yogurt as their way of repopulating the “good” bacteria in their gut. Many do not know, yogurt does very little in this regard and educated experts do not suggest it to replace a probiotic supplement. Most yogurts only contain 3 to 4 strains of probiotics and there are thousands of strains in the body. Although a cup of yogurt can contain 1 to 5 billion CFU’s of probiotic, there is a food on the market that surpasses yogurt on the healthy food list.

Is Kefir superior to yogurt?

Kefir can usually be found in a full fat version, manufactured from non-homogenized, grass-fed milk. It will usually contain 7 billion to 50 billion active cultures of probiotics, from 10 to 20 strains of “good” bacteria. Kefir is also easier to digest.

Shopping for Kefir should be no different than any other food; you should always be reading the label. Avoid focusing on “buzz” word marketing and read the fine print. There are certain companies that just produce better products. Make sure it is free from extra sugars, sugar substitutes, and any preservatives or additives. I encourage you to continue educating yourself on nutrition and join the ever-growing number of “smart” consumers that are spending their money wisely.

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