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What's New at Clubmx?

October 25 2012

Between our 2nd Annual Open House, building our new clubhouse, and training, we have been pretty busy here at Club the past few weeks. We had over 250 riders and 600 spectators in attendance at the open house which was double our numbers in 2011. We would like to thank everyone who came out for making it possible.

We would like to welcome our newest addition to the staff here at Club, Mike Evenson. He will be on hand to help assist with training as well as anything else around the facility that may need taken care of. Mike brings a high level of enthusiasm and energy to the riders and can always put a smile on their faces.

Our Clubhouse is moving right along, since the last update we have gotten the roof put up as well as a lot of work inside done. This building will be a huge asset to the riders here as it will offer cubicles for school work, recreation equipment, wifi, movie theatre area for riding technique analysis, and patio area.

One of our biggest projects, "Clubwake," a seven acre wakeboarding park is making some major progress as well. The pond is nearing completion, then we will be able to begin installing the cable equipment as well as filling the pond with water. Clubwake will give our members private access to a premier wakeboard park brought to us by Hyperlite.

The supercross track has also been completed for this winter. We extended the pad an additional 100' in order to make more rhythm lanes. The supercross track will be home to Justin Brayton, Phil Nicoletti, Alex Martin, and Zach Osborne this winter. Look for more career highs from those guys this winter!