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What's New at Club?

September 27 2012

The staff at Clubmx would like to welcome it's newest full time riders to the facility this season. They are Aaron Plessinger, Lucas Cobain, Jace Owen, Morgan Moss, Kurtis Manderschied, Chris Morris, Sean Baxley, Cameron McKinney, and AJ Durham. They are all great, hard working kids who have had a lot of success in the past and who should continue to succeed this season under our program.

Club is also constantly searching for new ways to improve and make training more convenient for our members. This week we started clearing away our old pro-spec supercross track and extending the pad an additional 100'. Our supercross program this year will be home to the JGR Team, Justin Brayton, Zach Osborne, Phil Nicoletti, and Alex Martin. All of these riders had career highs in supercross last season and look to improve even more for 2013.

*Darryn Durham, Justin Brayton, Zach Osborne, Phil Nicoletti, and Alex Martin all had career highs in supercross under the Clubmx supercross program.

Club has also been working tirelessly on the grounds around the facility by spreading over 500lbs of grass seed on the facility as well as installing an automatic sprinkler system to help keep our facility looking top notch. We are also in the process of building a retaining wall next to our shop for soil erosion. We have also installed new electric hookups and wash pad areas for easier bike maintenance and cleanup. A new gas house was constructed to keep flammables away from our shop area and to minimize hazards on site.

Our new cafeteria is finally heading in the right direction and will be completed in the coming months. Previously we had some issues with a contractor who's work did not meet code, forcing us to start over with a new contractor. The cafeteria will be outfitted with cubicles for school work, recreation equipment, wifi, movie theatre area for riding technique analysis, and patio area.

What do you think would improve training here at Clubmx? Let us know, suggestions are always welcomed.