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What's new at ClubMX 7-7-2011

July 7 2011

As the LL program is wide open here at ClubMX, doing moto's in the hot humid heat, as well as running and doing all of our workouts in the heat. There has to be some fun added to the program. Thanks to the Markolf family, ClubMX staff is able to take our riders to the lake for some tubing, wakeboarding, and some relaxation time on their houseboat and killer wakeboarding boat. ClubMX staff is trying to make a trip to the lake a regular event on the off weekends for all the kids. We also have a new pool that is going in by the bunkhouse and cafe, adding some different leisure and relaxation time for our customers here at the "club". There has been new water lanes cut in for the water trucks to help with some of our hard to get sections. Also there is a new water fill up station being added to our second pond, as we have 2 ponds with water pumps now to ensure we are always capable of having the tracks watered at all times. ClubMX has also ordered new shirts, which are on the way for the boys. This weekend will see a bunch of ClubMX riders racing at Muddy Creek MX in Blountville, TN. Which we will give you an update on Monday as to the race results. In other news check out this video on our rider Jace Owen played last week on Vurb Moto.
Until next week, thanks for checking in with ClubMX!!