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What's New at ClubMX!!

June 2 2011

What's up at ClubMX this week? Well for starters "handy-man" Phil Haas has been working like a mad man pouring concrete all over the facility. Concrete has been added between the race shop and fitness center for the new ice bath recovery system. Another section of concrete was also added in front of the race shop, adding plenty of outdoor wrench space for the mechanics and also concrete was added along the front side of the shop as well. Making a clean smooth walk-way to the ice baths. The Vurb Moto guys were here yesterday shooting some videos of ClubMX and Jace Owen. So the boys were pretty excited about having them here. Also dozer work has been done to the roads around the camp sites making it more convenient to get in and out of the R.V. spots for our customers. Check back soon to see what else is going on here at ClubMX!!