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What's new at ClubMX Training Facility

May 5 2011

With the concept of the "premier motocross training facility" in mind. The staff at ClubMX continues to add new things to keep it new and interesting. We have continued outlining the property with wooden fence, making the facility look really sharp. Brandon has added a few sections to the track making it longer and more technical. Yet another water truck has been added to the long list of track maintnence equipment. So keeping the tracks in prime condition will never be an issue. ClubMX has also started construction of a full basketball court, to keep our work-outs fun, and intense. To top it off ClubMX has brought in Sean Robertson as a full-time mechanic at the facility. Sean has a very extensive motorsports background. A multiple motocross state champion, he has wrenched at the pro-national level for 4 different riders (one including ClubMX owner Brandon Haas), and has been building race motors for 20 some years now. Sean has worked for several dealerships throughout the mid-west, being the lead mechanic at everyone of them. Experience and knowledge of the sport is what ClubMX owner Brandon Haas wants surrounding his facility. From the cook to the mechanic, trainers to the track crew, ClubMX is headed for success!!