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Whats new at ClubMX

May 12 2011

As the everyday grind continues here at ClubMX, the staff has yet to stop changing and adding things. Recent water lines have been added to the backside of our race shop for after riding showers, and also for our near future "ice baths". "Proper recovery is as important as proper training, thats why we are adding ice baths to our recovory program as another action we take towards recovoring as fast as possible," says owner Haas. Also the race shop has gotten some re-design work to make more room for bikes and mechanic workspace. New air line system from the air compresser gives all ther riders easy access to using the air hose in there work space. Not to mention once again ClubMX riders spotted dozers this morning changing the track, making a real nice, and technical double section. Zach Osborne was home at ClubMX this week in preperation for the GP coming up at Glen Helan Raceway this weekend. Everyday a new idea comes up, whether it be from an employee, a rider, a mechanic, or a parent. ClubMX takes these ideas and turns them into action, always making the facility a better place. The more input and ideas we recieve, the better we can make our facility. Until next week, keep checking in!!