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What is in Your Genes?

May 28 2013

What is in Your Genes?
By: Debra Meszaros
Body Performance Coach- Clubmx

Pre-disposition to disease and dysfunction can coincide with genetics, but many within the medical field and outside of it fail to realize some important facts. With genome mapping becoming allowable and more affordable, could this process lead us down a less desirable path to wellness?

Is Science missing the message?

Genome mapping can uncover mutations within one’s genetic makeup that could be used to help an individual possibly overcome pre-disposition to disease.

Within your genetic makeup you have both recessive and dominant genes, they are not all expressed. In many cases certain genes are turned on or off by factors other than the genes them self. One expression factor is lifestyle. When you are born you not only inherit your parent’s genes but their lifestyle as well. This becomes a determining factor to how the gene switch is set, on or off. If you follow your parent’s lifestyle or dietary habits you’ll probably turn that gene on. Health professionals sometimes blame your status of health on your genes; as this provides an excuse for the disease or dysfunction to manifest. Unfortunately sometimes before the dysfunction or disease exists, you are already allowing your thought process to follow the path that you will most likely end up just like your parents. Why not focus on the answer vs. the excuse? What if you could change your environment, lifestyle, or diet and turn that switch off? From bacteria to wildlife, environment is the factor to existence; without the proper environment life does not flourish. Simply apply this fact to your inner environment and monitor the results.

Does using surgery to remove organs or body parts in advance to disease the answer?

There’s something about removing a part or portion of the body to avoid a situation that makes me think. I remember back when I was young and health professionals thought the answer to a sore throat was to remove your tonsils. Why is it not a common practice anymore? Did it work? The health field still continues with the thinking if something is malfunctioning in their eyes than lets remove it. This action only makes the body change its body language to a different part of the body, the core reason for why is not addressed. This is an area of mapping genes that makes me question this process. Will genome mapping provide a reason for unnecessary surgeries?

What other variables come along with uncovering this information?

I’m going to predict discrimination, panic, and even privacy issues. Will insurance companies begin to use the results of genome mapping against you? If parents map the genes of newborns how will that change the upbringing of their child? If results of mapping show a chance of an incurable disease will that child be robbed of a chance to live a full life? If the information gathered from genome mapping is to place a “tag” on individuals it could really open the door to invading privacy. How accurate is this predetermination process? All testing contains some degree of inaccuracy, what happens within the error margin?

As science moves forward, they’ll be some interesting decisions being made soon.

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