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Weekly Nutrition Tip: Making the Most out of Your Workout

March 28 2012

Making the Most out of Your workout
By Debra Meszaros CSN

What really happens during your workout? How does one take advantage of the body's normal processes during and after this time? The answers to these questions can supply you with options of how to really maximize your physical efforts and build towards your strength and endurance goals.

High Glycemic Fuel in the form of refined flour (breads etc.), dried fruits, and all kinds of sugars disrupt your insulin sensitivity (lower) and jeopardize your energy utilization when consumed after weight training. Your muscles actually become insulin resistant in temporary fashion due to micro-injuries to the muscle, impairing the utilization of glucose. For repair and growth, a cellular pathway is built to place protein in the muscles; this is accomplished when insulin sensitivity is high and amino acids are present.

The opportunity to burn fat and build muscle begins just after exercise but the completed fat-burning process happens about 60 minutes later. When you exercise the level of free fatty acids increases and needs to circulate to the liver and muscle for final utilization. If they do not circulate there they become triglycerides and placed back into fat tissues. So you accomplish nothing. Waiting 30-60 minutes after exercise when you have empty glycogen stores, and then consuming your recovery protein drink allows your muscle to absorb the free fatty acids. After intense training the body recognizes your empty stores and is forced into converting those fatty acids into glucose. So the breakdown and utilization of fats happens after exercise!

Quality whey protein concentrate allows the peptides CCK and GLP-1 to promote insulin sensitivity if no sugar is added to the recovery drink. You can also consume another recovery drink 60 minutes after the first to further promote muscle buildup if that is your goal. If you are not interested in burning fat and are doing long multiple hour intense training, the first recovery drink should happen immediately after exercise stopping the catabolic process, promoting recovery. The second recover drink, 30 minutes later can include fruits, berries or raisins to help raise the body PH to a more alkaline state since intense exercise creates a more acidic environment.

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