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Unveiling A Simple Solution to Allergies

September 25 2012

Unveiling A Simple Solution to Allergies

By: Debra Meszaros- CSN

Whether occasional, seasonal, or ongoing, allergies are a part of life most of us accept as normal; but in fact, the human body normally does not look at most natural molecules as a threat. If your body is indeed reacting to normal molecules, like pollen for instance, the issue may very well be about an imbalance within your internal environment. This imbalance may be related to the most important substance in your body, enzymes.

Enzymes are the catalysts for every function that happens within your body. They are by far the most important component of life, as they are responsible for life itself. Thousands of them exist and they are very selective in their function, as each can only do one specific job. There are two groups of enzymes, metabolic, which create all anabolic or catabolic activity in your body, and digestive, responsible for the breaking down of your food so you can absorb its minerals and vitamins.

The common signs of lack of enzymes are:
Abdominal bloating, cramps, indigestion, skin rashes, heartburn, eczema, diarrhea, constipation, psoriasis, and Crohn’s disease; these are just a handful of examples. Allergies can also be a clue to enzyme deficiency as it ties directly to one of the four enzymes absolutely essential for optimal health, Amylase.

Amylase is the enzyme responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates, and as our dietary habits have moved away from our ancestors grain-less diet, towards a diet based on high-glycemic refined carbohydrates [cereal, breads, pasta, pastries], we have created an imbalance. These carbohydrates lack their own enzymes and when we practice a diet based primarily on these carbohydrates, we often are faced with incomplete digestion of carbohydrates. Some signs of incomplete digestion are; allergies, asthma, and blood sugar imbalances. Amylase, a natural, anti-histamine, unlocks your body’s ability to counteract allergic reactions to insect bites, poison ivy, oak, or sumac. Deficiencies of amylase block your body’s ability to identify pollen as a normal non-reactive molecule, and allergies are born.

Unveiling a possible solution:
Consuming foods from boxes and cans, from fast food restaurants, from your microwave, and highly processed foods, all contribute to a lack of enzymes. These are all considered “dead” foods. Switching to enzyme rich foods like fruits, especially bananas, sea vegetables like kelp and nori, peppermint, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and fresh raw vegetables, can all help keep replenishing and supplying much needed enzymes. Another consideration would be to utilize enzyme supplementation.

It is important for anyone suffering from allergies to consider reducing or eliminating refined carbohydrates from your diet. If you have been practicing a heavy carbohydrate diet for some time, it is also advisable to consider doing a candida cleanse; often this type of dietary habit leads to candida overgrowth or bowel flora imbalance. This condition leads to carbohydrate and sugar cravings, which are the very food candida thrives on.

Remember to chew your food well and slowly, relax when eating, drink plenty of water between meals, and eat a good balance of enzyme rich foods. It’s something you can’t overdose on!

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