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The Spark Plugs of Body Function

November 13 2012

The Spark Plugs of Body Function
By: Debra Meszaros
Clubmx Body Performance Coach

Ever wonder what makes you blink your eyes, breathe, think, or move? What about all the functions of the body that happen without us even thinking about them?

Metabolic enzymes are the driving force behind thousands of body functions. They are the spark plugs of life itself, without them the human body would die in just a few days. So how can we support this important element of life?

Since the pancreas is the primary organ producing and releasing metabolic enzymes into the body, alleviating stress that is placed on the pancreas is one place to start. Theoretically, since sugar places stress on this organ, keeping sugar intake as low as possible should leave the pancreas in a less stressful state. Both the liver and pancreas carry our eighty percent of the metabolic demands of the human body, they both also play a role in sugar metabolism. The liver has more than five hundred functions to carry out every day. If your blood sugar levels are being spiked throughout the day, the liver must stop one or more of the five hundred important functions to deal with sugar levels. Dr Edward Howell, enzyme expert, also theorizes that humans are actually born with a limited supply of metabolic enzymes, and we must replenish this supply to stay healthy. Key #1 – reduce sugar.

There are also other situations that affect our metabolic “spark plugs”, one is aging. Yes, the aging process is actually a lack of enzymes. Once one reaches the age of twenty, our bodies begin to head towards metabolic enzyme deficiency, because we produce less and less each year thereafter. A few indications of enzyme deficiency are wrinkles, bone loss, and other aging issues. These “spark plugs” are the catalysts that place phosphorous into bone, attach iron to red blood cells, allow your heart to beat, and carry out the absorption of oxygen. They play a vital role in cell regeneration, repair, wound healing, and protecting your DNA. They flush toxins from the body, synchronize the function of every organ, and produce energy. The more physical stress placed on the body, the more the body needs enzymes. Exercise seriously increases the body’s needs as your heart beats faster, you need more oxygen, and the neurons that carry out your movements all rely on your “spark plugs”. Key #2 – replenish your enzymes.

Supporting the replenishing of metabolic enzymes is a relatively easy task. There are two options to explore, dietary intake, and supplementation. On the dietary side, sprouts, sprouted seeds, sprouted grains, sprouted nuts, and true raw foods are ways to accomplish this. A true raw food is one not heated above 115 degrees. Fresh, raw vegetables and fruits can also be added to the diet. Some experts believe that our diets should be more than 50% raw to accomplish metabolic enzyme balances that are sufficient to our body’s demands. On the supplementation side, there are products on the market that aid the body in its demands. In researching metabolic enzyme supplementation you will find that there are even formulas with specific targets, like repair, detoxification, and organ support. Consulting a Doctor, Pharmacist, or Holistic Practitioner, knowledgeable in enzymes, is always suggested before taking supplements for the purpose of enzyme replacement.

Maybe these “spark plugs” are your key to a youthful balance?

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