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The Miracle of Dietary Perfection

June 4 2013

The Miracle of Dietary Perfection
By: Debra Meszaros
Body Performance Coach- ClubMX

Ever wonder why after all the progress science has made in understanding the human body, disease and dysfunction are still on the rise?

Whether you are an athlete, lead an active lifestyle, are a health conscious individual, or a normally aging adult, there may be a simple solution to your health and well being.

There is a group of magical microscopic molecules which are responsible for almost every chemical reaction within the human body. Interestingly, these molecules are also present in food, present in all of which are living; and non-existent in anything which is not. These molecules are so vital to your body that without them you would die.

Where do we find these magical molecules?

Enzymes are these magical molecules, and they are found in various foods. Some enzymes help to digest food; others perform hundreds of bodily functions related to the health of your joints, lungs and respiratory system, cardiovascular system, cognitive function, immune system, blood glucose levels, and maintenance of proper inflammatory responses. Any additional mental, emotional, or physical stress placed on the body will increase the need for enzymes beyond normal levels. Besides supplementation, there is a way to get daily doses of enzymes……eat living foods.

Stock up on “Fast” food

“Fast” food is one of the best foods to consume, but I am not talking about foods off the dollar menu. There is nothing faster than fresh fruits and vegetables. Try incorporating fresh fruits, fresh uncooked vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds, virgin coconut oil, and naturally fermented foods into your diet in the highest dietary percentage possible. Pasteurization, heat, and your microwave kill the enzymes in live food. When you consume “dead” (cooked) food the body steals its metabolic enzymes to help digest the food, possibly leaving you deficient in those enzymes. Age also plays a role in enzyme levels in the body, as after the age of twenty will gradually produce less each year. The amount of sugar and grains one consumes also contributes to the reduction of metabolic enzymes. Keeping a dietary balance of which “fast” foods are the majority, will do miracles for maintaining health and wellness.

What can dietary perfection do for you?

Breaking the old dietary habits and bringing your diet as close to nature as possible has enormous advantages. The enzymes found in “Fast” foods can perform the following functions: help the body digest waste that accumulates in your bloodstream like undigested food particles, decayed and oxidized cells, fibrin, and fatty proteins. Waste in your bloodstream can interfere with normal immune and joint function, can increase fatigue, soreness, and aches and pains.

The more active your lifestyle is the more important enzymes are. The body of an athlete has very high demands for enzymes and exploring supplemental enzymes in addition to a normal dietary supply could have many advantages, especially in times of injury, since they help the immune system, inflammation, and aid in the cleanup and repair that occurs after injury.

Developing your miracle

The secret to developing dietary perfection is to adjust your diet slowly replacing certain less effective foods with new “Fast” foods at a pace you are comfortable with. Make better choices when you shop. Instead of those canned “dead” vegetables choose some fresh ones. Replace that canned “dead” fruit cocktail with an assortment of fresh chopped fruits. Switch the whole wheat bread for a sprouted grain bread of your choice. Buy raw honey, raw nut butters, raw cheeses, and other raw treats. Now you’re on your way to perfection!

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