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The Body Challenge Revolution

February 21 2013

The Body Challenge Revolution
By: Debra Meszaros
Body Performance Coach-ClubMX

Transform yourself! Lose Weight and feel great! Just take a 30, 60, or 90 day body challenge today!
Sound familiar? Have you tried one yet?

These days it’s hard not to find a form of media that hasn’t displayed an ad or two about “body challenges”, and with the growing number of people attempting to use these programs, there is an important need to discuss this form of transformation.

Are you a perfect candidate for these programs?

If you struggle with preparing quality meals for yourself, simply hate eating breakfast in the morning, or have experienced a health trauma like radiation treatment, or any type of treatment that has dampened your appetite for food, the right “challenge” program might be your answer.

What makes these programs work?

“Challenge” programs can be based on weight loss, increasing energy, enhancing endurance, or to build lean muscle; each one is formulated to achieve a specific goal. Understand and choose the appropriate program. Beware of the “challenge” programs that promise a huge amount of weight loss in 30 days, as often you will gravitate back to your normal dietary habits and back comes the weight you lost. A “challenge” program is temporary, a tool to allow you to adjust your dietary habits gradually, helping you to achieve a transformation into a new lifestyle. It is suggested that any seriously reduced calorie program be approved by your health care professional.

There are many super charged meal replacement powders on the market today with a ton of nutrition in just 8oz of liquid. They’re an excellent choice for those experiencing a loss of appetite for food. They also work well as a jump start to your day as a better choice than a simple carbohydrate breakfast. The protein content in these powders can provide nutrition that satisfies your body, lessening the frequent call for more food. They contain much more nutrition than calories.

For the athlete, providing your body with the right nutrition can help you in achieving the results you want from your program. You can get lean, build muscle, and experience greater performance and recovery when these tools are utilized correctly.

When and how to use your products

Many athletes can use the liquid based products during heavy activity days, as many experience a need to consume light foods, ones easier to digest. Most liquid powders are easily digested and absorbed quickly by the body. Individuals using these programs for weight loss normally need to follow the outline of each plan.

Choosing the right “challenge”

There are only a few negative issues surrounding “challenges”; they are not a permanent replacement for real, whole food, and there are some less desirable ingredients to watch out for. Your body was designed to eat wholesome food that is non-denatured, so eventually you need to get back to the basics. Finding a balance between real food and these products may be your answer. Be aware of artificial ingredients and artificial sweeteners. Quality products do not contain anything artificial. Anything artificial will stress your liver and kidneys, often without you noticing. Check to make sure your “challenge” products are non-GMO, as often soy based products are genetically modified. There is one reason why genetically modified products are banned around the world.

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