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Take Back Your Health and Build Performance

May 14 2013

Take Back Your Health and Build Performance
By: Debra Meszaros
Body Performance Coach- Clubmx

What do 350 million people globally have in common?

Is there an epidemic building that will lead you to live a less healthy life than your parents?

Of the 350 million people globally, 94 million are Americans, all practicing a dietary habit that dramatically increases their chances of obesity, heart disease, dementia, and cancer. If the trend of the last three decades continues, within eight years, one in two Americans will join the group.

Do you want to join the group or take back your health?

There are two basic reasons why this epidemic is building and multiplying so quickly; the lack of awareness, and denial. Many acknowledge that they should be eating healthy but have no idea what healthy truly is. The media, industry, and governments inject confusion into your mind for various reasons. Companies devise dietary programs that generally have no long term health benefits and replace education with a promise of weight loss. Every year a new replacement sugar surfaces. These “new” products do not address the core issue but supply you a Band-Aid, adding to the lack of awareness. Then there are a percentage of those who are in denial. As in many individuals with an addiction, admitting that there is a problem is the first step. What dietary element could be so effective in creating an internal environment that contributes to almost every condition and disease known to man? Are you ready? ……Sugar.

Yes, those of you in the denial group are probably laughing at the moment, and those in the lack of awareness group might be raising their eyebrow. Regardless, I challenge you to apply the information contained in this article. Chances are if you don’t take on this challenge, you may very well be a part of the growing 94 million Americans with pre-diabetes or type II diabetes soon.

Sugar is the largest addiction in the United States and the hardest of any addiction to overcome. Through experience with my clients, attempting to quit “cold turkey” doesn’t work. A gradual approach is a successful plan to beat this addiction. When done correctly, you will not feel deprived of something you currently enjoy; it might be replaced with a bunch of healthful side benefits: increased energy, stamina, endurance, weight adjustments, increased focus, and a less stressful feeling. You may even finally taste your food instead of sugar.

Develop an approach that works for you.

The objective is to remove empty calories and refined carbohydrates from the diet, and reduce other foods that raise blood sugar levels quickly. These products alter insulin sensitivity, allowing cells to become resistant or numb to the effects of insulin. This usually develops without your knowledge until reaching a point when your body loses muscle or does not build muscle easily, body fat percentage increases, inflammation begins to set in, and you begin to age prematurely. Additionally these products are associated with fatigue, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and cholesterol, low HDL, poor sex drive, infertility, and depression.

Depending on your personal dietary balances, your goal should be to gradually reduce these items. If you are currently drinking beverages that contain sugar, this includes JUICES, lower the number of portions consumed by one each week and begin to replace them with clean water, coconut water, kombucha, or herbal teas. Replacing sugary beverages with a beverage that utilizes sugar replacements does not correct your sugar addiction. They can be used as a temporary tool if you are struggling with reduction but they are not a replacement. Acknowledge other foods within your diet that contain sugar and reduce them gradually as well. Fruits although healthy, are sugar and a practice of no more than two fruits per day is helpful. Since dairy contains high amounts of sugar, reducing or eliminating them is suggested. The final group of products is grains and starches. Gluten free breads are not necessarily healthier in relation to sugar reduction and even whole grains contribute to sugar addiction. Utilize the same reduction concept and use sprouted grains as your temporary tool to reduce them. Replace white rice with sprouted brown rice. Pay close attention to what you eat at every meal as your overall goal would be to balance your protein, fats, vegetables, and fruits.

The amazing result of controlling sugar in your diet might be enough to aid the body in overcoming allergies, hormonal imbalances, digestive imbalances, and problems with energy and stress, and you’ll be on the road to taking back your health.

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