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Rider of the Month Phil Nicoletti

February 3 2014

Phil Nicoletti has been a part of ClubMX for 3 years now. Phil has always had a great "work ethic" when it comes to training and riding.
Recently Phil signed with the JGR Racing Team (which is an elite team in the sport). Phil sets a great example here for the kids. Here at ClubMX we have daily chore duties for everyone that trains here. Phil takes the task of trash duty, which envolves emptying all the trash cans on the facility, the hardest dirtiest chore. He has a few partners help him, but he always gets it done, never complains about doing so. Week in and week out Phil puts the work in, it is awesome to have someone like Phil here for these riders. Phil is scheduled to race the Atlanta Supercross next month aboard his new JGR ride. Make sure you root this guy on! Congrats Phil!