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ClubMX Race Report!! 06-06-2011

June 6 2011

This past weekend ClubMX took a bunch of their students racing at Pro Sport MX, located in Witheville, VA. Jesse Wentland had solid rides all weekend, but struggled with his starts the first set of motos, finishing a 6th and a real close second in 450 Pro, and Jesse went 3-2 for a 2nd overall in the 250 Pro class. ClubMX owner/trainer came out swinging at his first race in nearly a year finishing a strong 3-3 for 2nd overall in the 450 Pro class, and a 1-1 in the Collegeboy class. Maksis Vilcins had a good weekend with a 2-4 for 2nd overall in the 250C class. Jake Streichert swept both motos in the 250B class with a 1-1, and took home a strong 2nd place behind Jace Owen in the Schoolboy 2 class. Jace Owen also had a killer weekend in the Schoolboy 2 class with a untouched 1-1, and held his own in the Collegeboy class with a 2-2 right on Brandon's rear tire. Worth Hunter had a real consistant weekend in the 250B class and the Schoolboy 2 class finishing 4-4, and 4-4 for two 4th overalls. Jarek Balkovic had a regional qualifier for Loretta Lynns in Millfield, Ohio at Sunday Creek MX. Jarek qualified third in the Schoolboy 1 class, and had bike problems in the Schoolboy 2 class. ClubMX's Zach Osborne had an awesome weekend racing at round 5 of the FIM World Motocross Championships. Held at St. Jean D'Angely, France, Zach rode a very impressive race in the MX2 class, charging to a 3-3, and that was enough to earn him 2nd on the podium. Zach's wrist has a small fracture, so pushing through that pain to do so well is phenomenal. His 2nd place finish puts Zach at a strong 4th place in the championship! Keep it up boys!!!