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Preparing for a Change in Season

November 5 2012

Preparing for a Change in Season
By: Debra Meszaros- CSN

Ever wonder why as soon as the weather changes, so does your health? What is it about the fall/winter season that seems to find our weaknesses?

When the weather turns colder, optimizing your immune health becomes a priority. The combination of options you apply can help the body with the season change your body will experience. Understanding the body’s requirements and preparing for the season could help you get by without compromising your health.

Sometimes things are really simple, so simple we look right past obvious clues. In winter our daylight hours are shorter for a reason. Most of us do not change our behavior in the most important aspect of winter health, sleep. Our body naturally wants more rest and nature has provided shorter days and longer nights for a reason; but we usually just keep pushing forward with the same schedule we always follow. Increasing your rest, relaxation, and hours of sleep can help the body maintain a healthier state. Key #1 – get more sleep.

There is also another important aspect to winter health that gets overlooked, hydration. In warmer months, we just naturally drink more fluids but once temperatures drop, we usually drop our intake of fluids as well. This is a mistake. We also tend to increase our consumption of beverages that actually rob the body of fluids, like coffee, teas, and sometimes alcohol. Adding soups to every meal will help with adding some comforting fluids to your daily intake. Even though it is winter, it’s probably still advantageous to your health to maintain water consumption of at least half your body weight in ounces of water, sipped throughout the day. Key #2 – stay hydrated.

Each season also brings on a dietary change, some driven by the actual foods available to us and sometimes we just feel like eating differently. Some of the changes we make are really good but there’s one type of food that can do the most damage in the winter months, sugar. Why? Have you ever have the opportunity to view a video on bacteria growth? It is simply amazing how quickly bacteria can grow; they can double in population every 10 minutes!!! Give them some food (sugar) and off they go. Sugar depresses your immune system; it may allow the bacteria to multiply faster than the body can fight them off. The result, you get sick. Restrict your diet, especially when you’re already not feeling well. Take sugar out and give your body a chance to fight off invaders. Remember sugar is: excess honey, cane sugar, fructose, pasta, breads, pastries, cookies, milk chocolate, bottled fruit juices, including commercial orange juice; there is also sugar in milk. Balance your diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and antioxidant berries. Key #3 – no sugar.

Any trip to a health food store and you’ll surely find an abundance of natural approaches to maintaining health. Any antioxidant you choose can help build your natural defense system. Whether you choose, herbal, homeopathic, or nutrients like Vitamin C and Zinc, something is probably better than nothing. Lately probiotics have been making a very big splash; even major pharmaceutical companies are now manufacturing probiotics. They are foundational to a strong immune system. There is also an option that was discovered more than 90 years ago, colloidal sliver. This is known as a natural antibiotic. Grapefruit seed extract, Olive leaf extract, and even coconut oil have all shown promise in supporting the body’s immunity.

Besides the helpful options I’ve mentioned for you to explore, remember to keep your body warm. Wear appropriate clothing and bundle up!!!

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