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February 18 2015

Announcing a new program!!!

Don't delay!! A limited amount of space is available! Go to our store to secure your participation today! Call 843-623-3409

February marks the beginning of a brand new program!

ClubMx is introducing a full, personalized Fitness & Nutrition online program designed to enhance your performance and your current training program; and take it to another level!

The success of your program begins with a good coach, who's experience can help you achieve your goals.

Regardless of age or the level of your riding skills, this online program, complete with weekly videos, can help you with speed, endurance, strength, and weight management.

Some of what the program will cover is:

Every area of body performance including: Strength training, Interval training, H.I.T., building flexibility, proper hydration, recovery options, mental coaching, Pre race and Post race diets, Injury repair, preparing for Loretta Lynn's, and proper diet and supplements.

The program has two options: a six month or a full year program. Cost is $99.99 a month.

Once you sign up, you will receive a intake form to fill out and return before the start date. We use that information to begin building your personalized program.

Each week you will receive a video outlining that weeks session followed by a one hour phone or video group conference to discuss each weeks objectives. This is a fully interactive session, as we welcome all participants to engage in the information provided.

Benefits to participating in the one year program......

An in person physical fitness assessment, one (1) hour training session with a trainer, and a full body performance assessment, all performed at the ClubMx training facility by our experienced staff.

There are a limited number of participants per program, so Act Today!

Deposits are required to hold your participation in each program. You can simply go to our STORE and secure your spot with a $99.99, first month payment today!!