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Gary Semics joins ClubMX!!!

November 22 2013

From Brandon Haas: We're very happy to have Gary join our program here at ClubMX. He has a lot of experience as a racer and a coach. Gary is a former SX Champion in the 500 Class back in 1974. He had a long career in Motocross and SX racing from 1971 - 1984. In 1985 he started his Motocross Schools and in 1992 released his Motocross Technique Videos (currently 26 DVDs that can also be Streamed at: Over the years Gary has developed the 55 Absolute Techniques of Motocross. These techniques are all laid out in his popular Motocross Practice Manual They are also broken down in detail in his technique DVDs. If you are unable to come train with us at ClubMX, these DVDs are the next best thing to being here. They break down the same techniques and show you how to practice them. See free previews and order online at:

The riders Gary has trained have won many AMA pro championships: McGrath, Windham, Lusk, Dowd, Lampson, Roncada, Fonsaca, Jesseman, and Villopoto. (26 AMA Pro Titles combined)!!!!!

From Gary Semics: I have always been very passionate about Motocross and SX racing and what goes into the weekly preparation of pro racers. I really like what ClubMX is doing. I'm very grateful they have brought me onboard to join their program. I feel with our combined knowledge and efforts we can give racers the best possible training environment in order to become champions. ClubMX is on the cutting edge of the evolution of MX and SX Training facilities.