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Electrolytes and an Athletes Body

October 6 2011

Electrolytes and the Athlete

By Debra Meszaros MX Sports

At this point, I believe most already know about the importance of hydration and replenishing minerals. Interestingly enough, I still find most athletes deficient in minerals and the average individual riding occasionally, sometimes worse. To the human body electrolytes are essential for all functionality, regardless if you?re an athlete or not. If you are working out on a regular basis or participating in a sport, your body will have an even higher need than the average person.

Electrolytes and polyelectrolytes

We are electric beings. We have many protons and electrons existing within us (and around us). An electrolyte is simply an element or compound once dissolved in a solution (water or other), turns ionic and has the ability to conduct an electric current. To our bodies, this equates into cellular function, communication, and metabolism.
The body?s synergy utilizes many electrolytes together, in pairs, trios, etc., forming an alliance of polyelectrolytes. Approximately 10 polyelectrolytes are required for survival, but about 60 or more are essential for optimal health and performance.

Hydrating and re-establishing balance

Common: Physical dehydration and the loss of electrolytes accompany strenuous activity, so what are the options to help recovery? Probably the most widely used recovery is mineral enhanced water. Unfortunately, testing has shown that many commercially prepared mineral waters often do not contain the amounts of mineral content listed on the bottle. Many tests have shown no trace amounts of the mineral at all in the water! Many sports drinks have also failed these independent tests. Regardless of the outcome of testing, replenishing with just one or two electrolytes will not maximize your energy, stamina and/or recovery anyway.

Better: Electrolyte-replacement powders are a better way to infuse your water with more accurate quantities but often contain synthetic (inorganic) compounds, artificial flavors, sweeteners (glucose, sucrose, dextrose, fructose, maltodextrine), and colors. Some better powders can be found with the 10 most common polyelectrolytes: sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca++), magnesium (Mg++), chloride (CI-), bicarbonate (HCO3), protein (Prot-), phosphate (HPO4), sulfate (SO4), and organic acids.

Best: Optimal function of the body can be helped with the use of liquid based multi-mineral formulas. Like a liquid based multi-vitamin, multi-mineral formulas will replace a wider range of electrolytes; sometimes up to 65 polyelectrolytes. The better formulas are whole food based, nothing synthetic; but carefully watch the labels as many times these companies add preservatives like sodium benzonate. The best formulas will be food based, no preservatives, and carbon-bonded. The combination of whole food based plus carbon bonded has shown a much higher bio-availability, giving them virtually a 100% absorbability rate by the body. Additionally, carbon-bonded, microplexed polyelectrolytes are like ?spark plugs? and almost immediately infuse into the body. Now that?s how to ultimately maximize energy, strength, stamina, and recovery!

* For those interested in learning about the companies that produce carbon-bonded polyelectrolytes, please contact me for information.

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