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Developing the Athlete: The Body Performance Template

July 11 2012

By: Debra Meszaros: CSN

Developing the Athlete: The Body Performance Template

Just like your bike, your body has “nuts and bolts” that hold it together. The “nuts and bolts” in your bike need to be greased and tightened to spec to ensure nothing mechanical goes wrong. Although the human body goes far beyond being compared to something mechanical, it is the easiest way to bring awareness to the wonderful ways the human body works.

BioEnergetic medicine understands that nothing about the body is in isolation, everything works synergistically. There is never one thing that creates the whole reaction but a string of conditions, deficiencies, components, or factors. There are five performance pillars that can bring the athletic ability within you to its highest level.

-Pillar #1 - Neuroendocrine support: “Neuro” performance starts on the cellular level and the communication between the 100 trillion cells within your body is vital to performance outcome. The slower the communication, the weaker performance becomes. “Endocrine” performance runs parallel with “Neuro” performance. You want your brain firing on all cylinders, focus is a key element, and essential fatty acids like omega 3’s, phospholipids, amino acids [protein] are some of the “neuro” fuels needed. Your mental state is very important to your racing success. On the “endocrine” side, your stress response system needs proper hormonal balance and adrenal support is to keep cognitive function, the repair of muscle, adequate sleep cycles, and metabolic functions at optimum levels. Proteins, quality fats, vitamin C, and B vitamins all contribute to performance.

-Pillar #2 – Digestive support: Body nourishment comes from nutrient intake whether in whole food form (diet) and/or supplementation. The best foods and supplements do little for the body if the body cannot assimilate and utilize them. Mental, emotional, and physical stress can hinder the digestive system and reduce the nutrients that actually get absorbed and used by the body. Most everyone has some digestive weakness and those over twenty years of age will begin to loose production of enzymes each year. The combinations of foods eaten together, the timing of your food and the amount of liquid intake during meals can all affect digestion.

-Pillar #3 – Waste system support: The body has the built-in ability to remove toxins, especially cellular waste. The more you exercise, the more waste is created. Without proper transportation out of the body cellular waste can clog your body from operating properly. Keeping your detox pathways clear aid the body in removing waste. Utilizing certain foods like my “Recovery Lemonade” recipe and herbs and spices like cinnamon and turmeric are some dietary ways. There are also supplementary enzymes that can facilitate the removal of many performance clogging components. Additionally, water is also your friend when it comes to waste system support.

-Pillar #4 – Recovery support: To the human body everyday is a recovery day. It is truly amazing what happens at night while you sleep! Recovery revolves around a few key items, one of them is protein. All cellular regeneration and repair happens only in presence of proteins hence the reason recovery powders are protein powders. Adequate rest is also a very large factor in recovery so get some sleep and make it a routine. You do not “make up” hours of rest you have lost. There are also “repair” enzymes that can facilitate this process. Fresh pineapple is a great food that can be incorporated into the diet to help with recovery and “repair” enzymes are also available in supplement form.

-Pillar #5 – Nutritional support: Exercise is healthy and Motocross athletes are exercising on a regular basis, so their really healthy right? Young athletes feel indestructible and for others once adrenaline is flowing, one is feeling great. Unfortunately, truth is so many athletes are not in the best of health. Young athletes are not aware of performance decline because it is a slow gradual process. The human body can take abuse for years before it manifests into a physical language expressed by the body that you notice. Others can push beyond the limits of the body and perhaps even reach some success at their sport. If the body does not have the proper nutritional support along the way, eventually the body hits an exhaustive state and physical challenges emerge. The most common and one of the most difficult conditions to overcome is adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is a serious condition that often triggers many other dysfunctions of the body; some common dysfunctions that can occur are depression, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, thyroid dysfunction, weight control issues, loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Hopefully your trainer or training facility takes nutrition serious and supports the education of nutritional options, along with the development of supportive dietary habits that can help develop your athletic ability to its highest level without compromising your health in the future. Sufficient calorie intake, the balance of food groups, and the option of using nutritional supplementation are excellent tools for reaching optimum body performance and long term health.

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