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Chapel Dedication

December 7 2011

The most exciting thing happening here at ClubMX is the new chapel. ClubMX is so appreciative and thankful to First Baptist of Columbia in Columbia, South Carolina for their dedication of the new chapel right here at the Club. A special thank you also goes out to Chris Condon who dedicated all his time and energy into building the chapel from the ground up. He spent several weeks here making this chapel his special project. Chris Condon is the father of Tyler Condon who was hurt here in February 2010 and has made a miraculous recovery from his injury. It is so nice to have a place of worship here at ClubMX and we guarantee that it will be put to good use. On Saturday, December 3rd we had a very special service for the new chapel and several members from First Baptist of Columbia made the trip up to ClubMX to hold a service for us. Special prayers were said and stories to go along with it. It is extremely rare to have a chapel at a motocross track but also something that sets ClubMX apart from the rest. We will hold services a couple times a month but the doors are always open for all our riders and their families to take time for God in our chapel.

(Chapel is still under light construction moving stuff in and finishing details).