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Coconut: Fuel From the Tropics

June 27 2012

By: Debra Meszaros - CSN

Coconut - Fuel from the tropics

Nothing is more relaxing than a white sandy beach in the tropics, blue water, and the sweet aroma of coconut oil; but did you know that coconut oil is more than just a delight for the senses? It is a powerful source of energy and nutrition too!

The nutrients called “fatty acids” may not sound too appealing but the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) in coconut oil actually help the body fuel itself for endurance, aid the immune system, are antiviral and antibacterial among many other benefits. High-endurance athletes for the most part are already familiar with coconut oil and its energy benefits, so this news is not new.

How can we incorporate this tropical wonder into our diet in a simple, effective way?

A good quality organic extra virgin, cold-pressed or expeller pressed, coconut oil will taste great right off your spoon, but not everyone appreciates the oily texture. If texture doesn’t bother you, off the spoon might be easiest for you. Otherwise, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil could be added to your pre and post workout protein shakes. Blending coconut oil and butter together actually add great flavor to anything you might toast in the morning. Coconut oil is also an excellent choice for cooking especially sautéing or grilling. Making a fruit smoothie? Adding 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to your fruit smoothie will regulate the release of sugar in a more controlled manner and reduce the glycemic (sugar) level of the smoothie. This provides a sustained energy release rather than a “spike” of energy. A general dietary guideline for coconut oil for athletes would be 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of body weight.

Looking to raise metabolism?

Coconut oil has a high percentage (almost 50%) of lauric acid (MCT) that helps the body produce energy and unlike carbohydrate energy it is not stored, accumulated, or turned into fat like carbohydrates. Since it is very easily absorbed by your cells, metabolism increases. It can aid in maintaining or losing weight.

Sick and tired of being tired?

Utilizing coconut oil in your diet just might be the answer. I believe one of the most difficult things for one to do is to undo the fact that many have retrained their bodies to run on sugars rather than quality fats. The human body was not made to run on sugar, not to say you can’t get away with it for awhile, but it will cost you big time in the end, years later, when disease and dysfunction set in. Incorporating coconut oil into the diet will help convert the body back to its original design, to run on quality fats. Endurance and stamina come forth a lot easier utilizing MCT’s like those in coconut oil. Additionally, coconut oil kills bacteria and viruses keeping your immune system in tip top shape, reducing the chances of getting ill. Even the bacteria responsible for food poisoning and urinary tract infections can be killed by the active ingredient in coconut oil.

So get yourself over to a health food store for some coconut oil and fuel up from the tropics!

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