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Clubmx Rider of the Week: Andy Daggett

March 3 2013

This weeks "ClubMX Rider of the Week" is handed to none other than Andy Daggett! Coming off a recent injury sustained at the 2012 Mini O's Ametuer National in Gainsville, FL where he broke both of his ankles, Andy Dagget has been stepping it up here at Club. Andy has been a blessing for us to have here at ClubMX because of his attitude and work ethic. No matter what situation he is given, Andy always stays positive. A positive attitude isn't something someone is always able to carry, but Andy does, and that makes it awesome not just for the staff, but for the rest of the kids that stay here at ClubMX. For example; this week saw a lot of rain here at Club, and the kids are given a chore to complete here to help build responsibility and a sense of home for them, while most kids were seeking shelter from the rain, Dagget was outside in the pouring rain getting it done. It's not just on the track that makes the rider, off the track is just as important. Andy is always pushing himself to get better. Never missing a moto, constantly pushing himself and wanting to learn new skills, showing us how bad he wants to be successful. He is a great kid and with his "never giving up" attitude he will find success. Congrats and thanks Andy! Keep up the great work!

Mike Evenson- Assistant Trainer