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ClubMX "Rider of the Month" August 2013 feat. Phil Nicoletti

August 12 2013

"ClubMx Rider of the Month" for the month of August goes out to "Filthy" Phil Nicoletti. This season has been an amazing run for Phil
in the outdoor nationals. Phil has really opened the eyes of many in the industry. With numerous top 10 moto finishes, his hard work
ethics have really been paying off. Phil has been a part of ClubMX for 2 1/2 years now and been a great asset to us. Phil is always
going out of his way to help the kids out, helping spread his knowledge for the sport. This past week during his off week, Phil flew
into Loretta Lynn's to help support all the guys from ClubMX that were participating in the event. Whether it was raining or
blistering hot Phil joined Brandon and myself for every moto to help motivate and chear them on. There isn't many professional
riders that would do that on their week off. While training here Phil always pushes the riders to be the best. He takes his level
of intensity and helps raise all the others with it. All the kids look up to him here as his hard work is paying off. Make sure
to keep rooting this guy on in the future. He has been proving that it can be done with the right attitude and hard work.
Congrats Phil for being our "ClubMX Rider of the Month".

ClubMX- Mike Evenson