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Beating the Winter Blues

January 7 2013

Beating the Winter Blues
By: Debra Meszaros
Body Performance Coach- ClubMX

What is it about winter that allows us to think we need to hibernate until spring arrives? Why do we make those New Year’s Resolutions that only last thirty days?

Staying active throughout the winter season is not as hard as you think. It can be fun and very rewarding, not to mention, healthy. Can we actually help avoid the flu, colds, and weight gain with just a few adjustments to our winter lifestyle?

No matter what your age or physical ability level, there is truly something for everyone.

If you happen to be an active type it’s obvious that you’ll definitely have more choices to beat the winter blues than perhaps someone that has not been as active, or that has a condition that hinders them from high activity. For the active types, there’s nothing more challenging to your cardiovascular system than winter!

Cross country skiing is one of the best options. It works all of the major muscle groups, your core muscles, burns considerable calories, promotes balance, and is a super challenge to your greatest muscle of all, your heart. The scenic views can also be very rewarding mentally.

Almost in the same category is skiing and snowboarding. It’s no secret that these two activities help with balance, flexibility, and leg strength, while burning calories as well.

One of the most pleasurable activities, ice skating, almost feels like it’s not even exercise. It can be performed indoors or outdoors with the same health benefits. Floating on ice tends to relieve stress.

If you already belong to a gym or just joined due to your New Years’ resolution, keeping up with your workout routine has helpful benefits during the winter, especially for your immune system. Exercise helps your immune system stay in tiptop shape. It allows your lymph system to operate in optimal fashion, keeping its circulation high. Unlike your blood, which has the heart to pump it along, your lymph fluid has no organ to aid it in circulation. Your lymph fluid is responsible for bathing and cleansing your cells; when it slows up, toxins collect in the body. There’s also evidence that the body may recover faster from illness, when one performs some form of exercise during that time.

If due to age or physical ability, you are unable to hit the great outdoors, The Power Plate might just be the thing for you. It is a valuable tool in muscular exercise, muscular pain management, and bone regeneration. It has numerous wellness and fitness benefits like improving muscle tone, range of motion, coordination, balance, increases blood flow, and enhances metabolism. It utilizes advanced vibration technology, which cause the muscles to contract between 25 to 50 times per second! It can complete a full body workout in as little as 30 minutes. It is a revolutionary approach to exercise, especially for those with limited movement, like senior citizens.

Regardless of which form of exercise you choose, the outcome of any form is said to increase your “happy” hormones, therefore allowing you to beat the winter blues.

*** It is advised to check with your medical doctor before attempting any changes to your lifestyle.

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