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Antibiotics: One of the Most Damaging Substances to Your Body

October 5 2012

Antibiotics: One of the Most Damaging Substances to Your Body

By: Debra Meszaros- CSN

Odds are that at least once in your life you’ve probably taken an antibiotic. There may have been a good reason to, but unfortunately it is likely your physician didn’t explain the full effects of the doses of antibiotics you were about to take.

So why is it the most damaging thing to your health?

Sometimes antibiotics are dispensed to address viral issues when they have not been shown to be effective on viruses. For bacterial conditions, they are indeed effective, but they are not selective. They cannot identify the bad (harmful) bacteria that may be causing your issue from the good (beneficial) bacteria that keeps your body healthy, and attacks them all. This action creates a major problem in your overall health and body performance.

Bacteria are the strongest organisms on Earth. They have the ability to transmute and adapt to almost any condition or environment. Not all bacteria are our enemies, many are our friends and hence the reason why bacteria out number human cells in our body ten to one. There is a minimum of 100 trillion good beneficial bacteria residing within our bodies, playing a major role in human health. The largest concentration of good bacteria can be found in the intestinal area, the center for your immune system, digestive system, and elimination pathways.

So what is all the fuss about?

There is a delicate balance of bacteria that needs to be maintained for us to facilitate many major functions within the body. When an antibiotic is taken, even just one prescription, this balance is drastically affected and if an individual does not work at bringing this balance back to normal, then body function is hindered.

Beneficial bacteria is otherwise known by most as probiotics. When it comes to digestion, probiotics produce enzymes such as protease, lipase, and lactase, assisting with fat and protein digestion. Both protein and fat digestion are two key components to an athlete as they provide the building of muscle, the recovery process, and your metabolism of fat to energy. They reduce the problems many may experience with lactose intolerance. Probiotics are also involved in the body’s ability to manufacture vitamins, particularly folic acid and B12; and involved in vitamin K production as well. B vitamins are important in many ways to an athlete and without vitamin K the body will struggle with building bone.

Your immune system also relies on the magic of beneficial bacteria as they are the foundational building blocks of immune function. Probiotics produce natural antibiotic like substances such as acidophilin, which inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms and are involved in immune and inflammation responses. Your ability to fight off germs is directly connected to the balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut and inflammation is always present in the body of an athlete.

When it comes to the status of your overall health, it is measured by your body’s ability to get nutrients into your cells and the removal of waste from your cells. The process of elimination is vital to optimal health, and it is probiotics once again facilitating the healthy, timely elimination of waste. Probiotics are natural stool softeners.

Can the damage be reversed?

It is unfortunate that at least fifty percent of the beneficial bacteria strains that originally resided within the body cannot be reproduced under laboratory conditions because science has yet to be able to create a suitable environment. But we do have access to many beneficial strains of bacteria (probiotics) that can be taken orally to help repopulate the intestinal area. If you have taken an antibiotic in the past, fly frequently on a plane, experience high levels of stress or physical activity then a probiotic supplement might be a very good option for you. If you wish to explore this option it is advised to find several quality, high potency, multiple strain probiotic brands and place them into a rotation. This means purchasing one brand, finishing that bottle, purchasing a different brand, finishing that bottle, and choosing a third brand; then go back to the first one you chose to start the rotation over again. The reason is just about every quality, multi strain formula utilizes different strains and you want to populate your body with as many different strains as possible. This should help the beneficial bacteria balances of the skin, conjuctival, vaginal, and intestinal areas.

As an athlete attempting to achieve optimal body performance, probiotics are a foundational tool for “dialing in” your digestion, energy levels, keeping your immune system strong and helping the body rid of the many waste products produced by your extreme physical activity. These bacteria are surely your friend!

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