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Whats new at Clubmx

January 27 2011

ClubMX is ever-changing, so every Thursday we will be posting ?what?s new? to inform you of these exciting improvements and changes. This week:
- We?ve added a new piece of machinery to our line-up: a Caterpillar D5 dozer. We are constantly revamping the tracks and the landscaping around the facility, making the D5 a perfect fit.
- The entrance gates were given a face-lift with new log uprights proudly displaying the ClubMX sign
- We installed new frost-free water hookups to our RV sites to prevent the water from freezing on some of the rare cooler nights.
- A fire pit was added next to the RV and housing area along with an abundant supply of firewood
- A brand new Supercross track is about 2 days out from being finished. We've spent two weeks hauling clay in for it which will now offer 2 totally different soil types between our ?two pro-spec Supercross tracks. The new one will be a hard clay track, while the top one will remain a red sand/clay mix to give us excellent water drainage and keep us from ever missing a day of riding due to rain.
- Kailub Russell has been working hard with our crew to build a top notch GNCC course which is awesome! GNCC riders know have a place to call home, and MX riders have a great source of cross training to add to their program.
- We added a few new pieces of fitness equipment to the fitness center, including a Power Tower pull up, dip, and core station as well as a boxing speed bag.
- A flat screen TV and a surround sound system were also added to the fitness center to help boost the intensity of our workouts.
- Most of our riders received brand new training programs this week to keep everyone progressing as they should be.

We are looking forward to the beginning of east coast Supercross as well as the spring amateur nationals. Be sure to check out daily for more updates.