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Track Food - Whats in your lunch box?

May 3 2011

Track Food - What's in your lunch box?
by Debra Meszaros -

I know regardless of the level at which you ride, when it comes to packing the truck to hit the track, you've got it all figured out. Surely you have a checklist and/or routine you follow. Maybe even pack some spare parts for the bike. But do you actually think about the fuel for your body? After all, you did bring the gas for the bike right? What about you?

More than likely you know they'll be a concession stand or quick stop you can pick something up at. Processsed foods are convenient. Unfortunately for your body and its performance, this is not the best choice. It's no surprise that if you were to just plan alittle you could be your best. So why don't we explore foods for the track.

Lets begin with the day before. You'll want to sip as much water as possible all day long, this is the most effective way to hydrate the body, slowly. Try not to drink large quantities of fluids during your meals. Drink more in between. Limiting fluid intake to 4 to 8 oz at meal time will help the body completely digest your food. About 2 hours before bedtime, consume a small amount of protein, no sugars or processed flours (carbs).

Upon wakening the next morning (day of) select one of the following: consume one piece of fruit, then take a shower (need 30 mins between the fruit intake and the next group of food), then make a free range chicken egg (can be organic too) sunnyside up or hard boiled with a small pinch of real sea salt (you'll be needing those minerals later). The egg can be placed on Ezekiel bread (found in health food stores) or sprouted bread of your choice (best choice of bread, Millet Flax). Do not use white bread, or whole wheat bread (if it's not sprouted wheat), otherwise you will be distrubing the balance we are creating here and definately no breads made with high fructose corn syrup. If you prefer the hard boiled egg, you can have the two slices of bread as toast. If your choice is toast, either butter it up with Organic butter or (best choice)->unrefined, raw, coconut oil (you'll be needing these quality fats later for long term energy). If you're not a 'breakfast eater' than purhaps a protein shake and add 1 tablespoon of raw coconut flakes. If you take a B complex vitamin, this would be the time to take it. You cannot skip breakfast and expect to perform your best. If none of these choices surfice, my last option would be to create this enhanced yogurt:

2 ripe avocados peeled & chopped add to 1/2 cup plain yogurt (full fat yogurt is best and also one with the least amount of sugar), then add 2 tablespoons fresh chopped cilantro, 1 tablespoon of ground cumin, 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, 1/2 garlic clove minced, 1/4 cup finely chopped onion and 1 1/2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice. You can toast some pita chips and dip!

Okay it's time to pack the picnic basket, here's your list:

? Coconut water plain or flavored; bring up to 1/2 to 3/4 your weight in ounces. Coconut water has the same electrolyte balance as human blood. You'll be sweating and will need these electrolytes. Gatorade etc. is not an option to replace this item, we need to keep things in pure form. If coconut water is not available to you you could take along some Emergen-C powder packets and add it to water or bring some sea salt and add a pinch to each bottle of water.

If you normally pack an energy drink, try to replace this energy zapping beverage with a vitamin B complex capsule or B12 sublingual drops. This is also an option between Motos.

? If you are riding under hot conditions, look into homeopathic hydration drops and bring your bottle.
? Pack one or all of these fruits: Avocado, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut. If you do not like these then bring any of your choice as the next best thing.
? Pack raw veggies, any of your choice as long as they are raw, not cooked.
? Pack raw nuts and/or sprouted seeds, any of your choice as long as they are raw or sprouted. These will have to be purchased in a health food store, most supermarkets do not carry real raw nuts (ones not exposed to temperatures over 115 degrees F which robs most of the nutrients and all of their enzymes).
? Make a batch of protein shakes and place them in your cooler. These are great for after your practice run or motos. They help with recovery. Your energy stores will not be refueled by consuming just carbs. Carbs without protein or fat will decrease your energy levels. The day of racing should be a 50/50 intake of protein/fats and complex carbs (fruits, veggies;not simple carbs, bread etc.).
? If you normally bring peanut butter, replace it with almond butter (raw, organic best choice).
? If you're a burger kind of guy/gal, replace beef burgers with salmon burgers.
? If you like sardines (in olive oil), bring a few cans.
? Prepare in advance and place in your cooler: If you like pesto, here's a dinner option: Cook your favorite pasta (brown rice pasta or Quinoa pasta best choices) and add the following homemade pesto sauce:
Process in blender: 2 cups fresh basil leaves, 1 cup shelled pistachio nuts (not red ones!), 2 cloves garlic, 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes; then slowly add 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup parmesan cheese.
? There are also these supplement options for you to explore to increase oxygen, blood flow(good for arm pump), and regulation of heartbeat:
D -Ribose chewables, L-Carnitine liquid or caps.

Additionally I pack: Arinca gel and 1 tube of Arinca 30C 4 dram, these are known to help with bruising, inflammation and muscle soreness. Bach Flower Rescue drops or gum for the jitters at the gate. Vitamin C 500mg for everytime I consume food to fuel my adrenals.

Hope some of these options help. Stay tuned for my book scheduled to be released this fall, it will include many more healthy, top performing foods to eat! Chow!