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2nd annual open ride weekend photos!

October 26 2011

Here is the link to the photo gallery taken by Mr. Randall Overby at our open house this past weekend. Thanks Randall!

Also thanks to everyone who made it out this past weekend, and special thanks to all the ClubMX members families who where able to make it out and enjoy the weekend with us.

Mr. Flay Dalrymple cooked us an awesome dinner Saturday night that was one to remember. Who knew 500 chicken legs could be cooked over a open flame and taste so good? Everyone was fed with extras for lunch Saturday.

Live music and camp fire made for a great night and everyone enjoyed having all the families together, after all isn't that why this sport is so great?

The tracks where perfectly prepped, watered and ready to rip for the weekend whom everyone seemed to enjoy. We tamed down the front track a bit for the weekend. We had zero reported injuries throughout the weekend to top it off, making this weekend one to remember for the ClubMX staff and family.

Thanks to all the ClubMX staff and family who helped, all the flaggers, EMT and ClubMX riders who give a helping handing prepping for the weekend,and hope everybody enjoyed it, see you next time!