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Power up, from the inside, out

May 25 2011

Powering up, from the inside, out
By Debra Meszaros

Those of us involved in the physical preparation and training of Motocross athletes, realize that the human body is not as simple to "dial in" as your bike may be. Since everyone is so bio-chemically unique, it's hard to apply one approach for everyone. Occasionally, certain new information is worthy of mentioning and applying in broad fashion. This new information comes in via the scientific world.

Science has recently discovered a new coenzyme, pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ). This latest advance in mitochondrial bioenergetics can be of great interest to athletes, especially those competing and looking for an edge over the competition. PQQ could very well be a great way to build energy, from the point at which it all begins, the cell.

Cellular energy is manufactured by Mitochondria, the energy power plants that reside inside every cell in your body. In 2010 when scientists discovered PQQ, they learned that PQQ not only protected mitochondria, but stimulated the growth of new, fresh mitochondria. So one can conclude, the more "power plants" you have, the more energy they produce. Further research showed how PQQ protected the brain, heart, and muscles; and remarkably its potential to reverse cellular aging by activating genes that induce the formation of new Mitochondria in aging cells. This placed PQQ in a classification as an essential micronutrient (one your body cannot make it on its own). What does this mean to you?

Research has shown PQQ to:
- Promote memory, attention, and cognition, its safe to assume its ability to increase focus
- Research indicates its ability to promote blood flow in heart muscle and...
- its direct involvement in cellular energy metabolism

.....all from one micronutrient!

Many researchers believe combining PQQ and CoQ10 (another bioenergetic coenzyme) can yield numerous, healthy, hi-output mitochondria.
Logically, you could boost your energy producing capacity.

There are several quality formulas on the market I am aware of: PQQ caps with BioPQQ, Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer, and Mitochondrial Basics; all manufactured by decide.

Please understand that MX Sports Nutrition or ClubMX Training Facility does not sell supplements or guarantee the effectiveness of any product. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and results are not guaranteed.

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