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February 9 2011

Body Performance: Building healthy bones

By Debra Meszaros

We enjoy the adrenaline rush riding and racing provides, and we just do not focus on the 'side effects' of our sport. Depending on how long you've been riding, chances are you have experienced a broken bone. It's important to have some knowledge of what options you have in supporting the recovery of such an injury and options to maintain strong bones.

Components to strong bones

Interestingly, the movement of our muscles over our bones helps to build stronger bones. In our sport, we experience lots of vigorous movement of muscle over bone. If the body has the right nutritional elements available to it, you?ll have strong bones. Nutritionally there are foods that promote healthy bone and foods that can literally cause the body to weaken your bones.

Probiotics are healthy, essential bacteria (flora) that reside in your body. They are essential in immune function, energy management and cognitive function. In today?s world there are several lifestyle factors that affect the proper balance of probiotics. The use of an antibiotic (even once) kills all bacteria in the body including the essential, healthy flora, zapping your probiotic stores. Antibiotic use promotes the overgrowth of candida (unhealthy bacteria when in large quantities within the body). If your diet is unbalanced (includes improper amounts of sugar and carbohydrates) your flora balance can also be out of balance. Due to the high physical stress Motocross riders place on their bodies, their sport usually leaves their flora in a state of imbalance.

To support and build probiotics in your body, one may wish to explore the option of probiotic supplementation. Trying to build up flora to a balanced state is very difficult to achieve from just consuming yogurt.

You may want to avoid Fluoride and Chlorine, both found in municipal water supplies. Both are linked to bone disease and wash vitamin E from the body.

The most widely known publicized component to bone building is calcium which is readily available from many food sources most of us consume daily; but more importantly, is the synergistic need for magnesium to support the calcium. Magnesium is not found in good balance in our soils today and therefore supplementation is the only way to get to therapeutic levels. The supplementation of magnesium and other synergistic components, Vitamin D (needed for calcium absorption), Boron (improves calcium absorption), Copper (aids in the formation of bone), Silica (calcium utilization and bone strength), Zinc (important for calcium uptake) can be the missing links in bone building?.

Besides bone building components there are also components to our diets that can deplete these essential bone building minerals from our bodies; soft drinks (including Diet sodas) containing high fructose corn syrup, excess grams of sugar, and high phosphorus produce a high acidic value. An essential function of the body is to maintain the proper PH balance in the blood, so if need be it will remove minerals from your muscles and bones to achieve proper PH.

Another de-mineralizing component is Phytic acid (phytates) which can prevent the absorption of minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Highest levels of phytates are found in SOY.

Fine tuning the diet in the event of an injury can aid the body in a faster, stronger recovery.

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