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Endurance Enhancement

February 23 2011

Endurance Enhancement: Energy Components
By Debra Meszaros

In this sport, it's hard to miss the Energy drink ads and promos; after all, they are one of the biggest sponsors in our industry. Honestly, I'm not sure where in industry would be without their financial help. What I do wish is that some of the companies offering healthier 'energy' options would get involved in Motocross. In the meantime, I thought I'd address the most commonly asked question I get from riders. How can I enhance my endurance and gain more energy?

Besides the obvious physical training aspects you need to put into practice, you need to give your body the tools to build endurance and supply energy. The tools are in the form of nutrition and your lifestyle practices.

The Nutritional Endurance and Energy tools

I cannot express how important enzymes are, briefly, they do so many functions and there are thousands of them in our bodies daily. How important are metabolic enzymes and their co-partners?

Within our body chemistry there is a synergistic relationship between vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and hormone production.
- Minerals: The mineral calcium plays a role in adrenal function but without magnesium, its co-partner which regulates the adrenals, calcium is not maintained in proper balance in your blood stream. A magnesium deficiency is more commonly one of the reasons for weak adrenal function. Magnesium also relates to oxygen energy. Potassium, Selenium, Iodine, and Phosphorous are additional energy contributors. We loose these minerals when we sweat and besides a high potency mineral supplement, is why mineral enhanced water is the beverage of choice and adding Cellfood or Energen-C powder to the water, very helpful.
- Amino acids are a major focus when building endurance; they are essential to life. The most common problem I see is that most athlete programs promote Carbs for your energy source. New research has shown that stretching 20 mins. before exercise or a Moto warms up the body, switching body fuel from glycogen to stored fatty acids. The beginning portion of exercise muscles draw glycogen stored in the liver and muscles but later from fatty acids from stored fat cells; longer exercise, the liver makes glucose from other sources, lactate, glycerol & protein. The body utilizes carbs for its primary energy source only during the first 20 mins. of exercise. So long term energy is achieved through a daily diet containing 30% of good fats and the proper ratios of protein. The amino Serine is needed for carbohydrate energy conversion within your body. Threonine is needed for hormonal and energy production. Tyrosine is needed for thyroid, pituitary and adrenal function, as well as its co-partner is Vitamin C. Glutamine and Glutaminic Acid are responsible for supplying energy to the brain. Adenosine and Taurine are also energy related. There is no doubt athletes benefit from Amino acid supplementation, usually a 21 Amino Complete formula, and chemical-free, synthetic free, sucralose free, protein powders. They are needed for recovery and building long term energy - endurance.
- B vitamins are also involved in this process. We deplete almost all B vitamins when the body is stressed, either mentally or physically. A supplementation of a Complex B vitamin is very helpful in building adrenal fuel.
- In order for the body to manufacture enzymes it must be in balance, have the tools necessary, and your liver and pancreas (producing about 80% of your body's enzymes) must not be stressed. Your pancreas and liver can become stressed when you consume too much sugar or sugar converting carbohydrates. It is then overworked by the fact it has to concentrate on all the excess sugar, and may hinder their ability to produce enzymes that are essential. This is interesting since many athletic diets stress the importance of a heavy carb diet. Interestingly, Carbs eaten without protein or fat can actually decrease your energy level.
Due to the stress athletes go through, many claim they have built high levels of endurance by supplementing with Proteolytic enzymes: blends of metabolic enzymes taken on an empty stomach, before and after strenuous workouts. When Proteolytic enzymes are taken without food, they are utilized for metabolic functions instead of digestive.

If you practice proper nutrition for your body on a daily basis, as your actual lifestyle, only small dietary adjustments need to be made before a race. You'll find you have a steady level of energy and enough stores of energy, to get you the results needed to excel in your performance.

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