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Core Muscles

February 1 2011

Core Muscles -
This week?s fitness tip focuses on what is possibly the most important group of muscles in your body for motocross: your core muscles. Your core muscles are an important part of a well-rounded fitness program, but going beyond the basic situp and crunch is often avoided. Often, people think your core muscles are only your abs, but your core includes the muscles around your trunk and pelvis throughout the midsection of your body. Racing requires balance and stability while on your bike, and your body depends on your core for these skills. Your lower back, hips, pelvis, and abdomen work together in sync to stabilize your entire body. There are hundreds of core stability exercises that do not require any special equipment and will help strengthen and stabilize your core muscles. We will be posting a video soon with one of our core routines we perform twice weekly with all our riders. Until then, you can simply ?You Tube? core exercises and pick out some that you enjoy. Just remember to choose exercises that target not only your abs, but all areas of your core?front, back, and both sides. Thanks for reading!