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ClubMX Riders Control "The Border"

February 21 2012

Chesterfield, SC -February 20, 2012- The ClubMX riders were on border control duty this weekend at the first Loretta Lynn's area qualifier of the year. Club riders took wins in nearly every class from 85cc and up. Some of the standout performances included Shane McElrath's domination of the B classes, which included some of the fastest lap times of the weekend from any class. Another stand out performance was put in by Club rider Jarek Balkovic, who was untouchable in the schoolboy classes and was able to walk away from the field. Wins were also taken by Franta Smola in the Open Pro Sport class, Alex Frye in the Supermini class, and Zach Beverly in the C class.

Several other solid performances worth noting were Austin Cox's impressive outing in his first B class ever. After just coming off of 5 titles at the Mini O's in the C class, Cox was able to carry the momentum to 3rd and 4th place finishes in the B class. Zack Williams was able to take 3rd overall in the 250A class despite riding through a case of the flu and bad starts. One of our newest riders, Brittney Sparks, was able to holeshot both Women's class motos in route to two 3rd place finishes on the day. Max Markolf wasn't able to contend for wins but was able to keep Alex Frye honest and recorded a few 2nd-4th place finishes. Will Garrison was able to take home 4th place in both 85cc classes as well.

The ClubMX riders weren't the only ones who put in impressive rides throughout the weekend. ClubMX owner and trainer Brandon Haas recorded some 2nd place finishes in the 250 A and Open A classes despite it being his first race in 2 years and only being able to ride once a week during that time period. Brandon battled it out with Robbie Marshall in that class but one off-track excursion proved too costly. Brandon wasn't the only Club employee to put in a strong performance on the weekend. Phil Haas, head of track maintenance, dominated the 30+ class and placed 3rd in the 35+ class over the weekend.

ClubMX plans to carry this success over to the next race on the calendar, the Oak Hill National in March, and upcoming qualifiers. ClubMX would like to thank it's close sponsors which include Ohlins suspension services as well as Debra Meszaros from MX Sports Nutrition. These sponsors allow ClubMX to sustain the highest level of performance training on a day-to-day basis.

ClubMX is headquartered in Chesterfield, South Carolina and is known for providing the best motocross training available in the nation. For more information about ClubMX please visit or follow us on Twitter at!/ClubMX_Training