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Amateur Results-Elizabeth City

February 28 2012

A few of the Club riders raced the Elizabeth City Qualifier this weekend, here is a short breakdown of their results:

Brittney Sparks- Was able to pull a second place start but was pushed back to 4th early on. She was able to make her way back to 3rd by the end of the moto. In the second moto Brittney was last off of the gate but managed to make her way to 5th after the first turn. By the end of the race she made her way back into the 3rd position.

Jarek Balkovic- Jarek was able to win Schoolboy1 and get a second in Schoolboy2 despite going down in the 2nd Schoolboy2 moto.

Ben Francis- Supermini1- Ben fell twice on the first lap of moto 1 and was able to pull himself back up to the 9th place by the finish. In the second moto he ran 4th for it's entirety until a fall at the end of the race which regulated him to a 6th place finish.
Supermini2- Ben was able to lead the majority of first moto until a fall pushed him back to 6th place. In the second moto, a bad jump off of the gate left him in the back of the pack had had to work back into the 8th position.