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MX Push-Up Bars

March 22 2011

A new motocross specific training product on the market is the Lineman MX Push-up Balance Bar. Top riders around the country are getting their hands on them, and feeling the benefits in their strength and balance. The unique design creates an unstable feeling when exercising with it, causing more muscles to engage and improving your balance while strength training. Also, with its ultra-sturdy steel frame and crossbar you can incorporate it easily with other workouts like the plank, leg lifts, triceps push-ups, and more.
A new model was just released; the Lineman MX Twister Push-up Balance Bar has the same features as the standard bar with twisting tubes on each end to add another level of difficulty. The twisting tubes can easily lock into place to give you the feel of a standard bar while you get the hang of it. If you would like to order a push-up bar you can do so at For more info contact