All of our staff members and owners have a strong passion for motocross and helping racers achieve their goals. Our trainers have a valuable base of knowledge and strive to help riders improve and work to achieve their full potential, regardless of their experience level. Our track builders are professional equipment operators with racing experience of their own. Their main priority when performing track maintenance is to make it possible for our members to ride every day and to incorporate all track styles and obstacles to make more well-rounded riders. Our owners and investors all have the same goal: to supply the aspiring professional racer all the tools needed to succeed.

Brandon Haas - President, Head Coach

Brandon has had a strong devotion to motocross since he started racing at the age of 12. Brandon has earned himself top 5 finishes at Loretta Lynn's, championships at amateur nationals, top 25 finishes at pro nationals, as well as top 5 finishes at professional arenacross events. Along the way, Brandon found his true passion of training other riders and has since been steadily building his roster of racers who are some of the top ranked in the nation. His roots begin in Minnesota, where he started Clubmx. After meeting Zach Osborne and discussing their common interest in building a training facility in 2009, Brandon moved to South Carolina. His eagerness to constantly study and find ways to improve racers' programs is what makes him one of the top trainers in the world. He is a nationally recognized certified personal fitness trainer and serves as the head coach here at Clubmx. Brandon oversees all operations at ClubMX and still races today in his spare time. Since stepping back from motocross, he has taken up a passion for cycling, winning the Carolina State Championship mountain bike series last year.

Mike Evenson - Riding Coach

Mike is a former pro motocross rider who held his pro license for 7 years and has been a part of ClubMX from day one. He is originally from Minnesota but now calls Chesterfield, South Carolina home. Mike has been a permanent fixture in the motocross community for the past 20 years and is an avid rider to this day, he can even be found turning laps on the ClubMX supercross track from time to time. Mike provides the facility and riders with an enthusiastic and motivating training approach. Mike is also responsible for all of the hourly training instruction that is offered at Club.

Timothy A. Laskis, Ph.D. - Mental Skills Coach

Our newest staff member, Dr. Tim, brings his doctoral training and wealth of experience in psychology to assist each rider in reaching optimal performance and improve race day results. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), masters in psychology from CSPP and bachelor of arts in psychology from Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey.

Originally from Greenville, SC, Dr. Tim grew up racing motocross throughout the Southeast and his passion for the sport continues today. His program strongly complements our other components at ClubMx. He takes a scientific approach by gathering data on each rider, setting up concrete plans and measuring results. As a partner, he helps each rider obtain the most from their training program. Dr. Tim stated, "When all other factors are similar, the rider with superior mental skills will consistently outperform his/her competitors. Also, mindset greatly impacts not just race day performance, but also training and recovery."

Sarah Shymske - Fitness Coach

Sarah is a very educated asset here at Club. With a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Michigan State University Sarah brings it all to the table. Also she is a American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, Health coach, and Group Fitness instructor. You can always find Sarah in the gym working on a new program or working with the boys. She brings a whole new outlook on fitness programs here to ClubMX. None the less she can be found throwing some laps down on the track as well.

Phillip Haas - Track Maintenance

With over 10 years racing experience, 20+ years of equipment operating experience, and the understanding that our tracks need to be rough, wet, rutted and bumpy to make our riders better, Phill is the man for the job. He also is the grounds keeper here at ClubMX building fences, pouring concrete and fixing odds and ends around the Club.
But don't be fooled, Phil will always find his way out on the track on his #28 Yamaha. Coming off a 2nd place finish at Loretta Lynn's this past year he is looking for a championship in 2012!

Debra Meszaros - Body Performance Coach

Debra's combination of years of extensive natural health & holistic education, certification in sports nutrition, thousands of clinical hours as a bio-feedback coach, certified enzyme expert, and her personal athletic experience, including Motocross, provides a strong foundation for the multi-dimensional program ClubMX offers its MX/SX riders. Her program and services go beyond the standard, general programs so riders can 'dial in' their body's performance, bringing it to its highest level.

Ben Graves- Manager of ClubMX Practice Facility

Ben Graves is in charge of the maintenance of the track and grounds at the Practice Facility. He coordinates all riders staying at the practice facility. Ben was born and raised in Indiana. He has grown up racing since a little boy. He graduated high school in 1998. Ben has been to Loretta’s 12 years and out of those 12 years, he has attained many top 10 finishes. He still races to this day.
He and his family moved to South Carolina from Minnesota. He is married and has a daughter.

Tom McKinney- Chaplin, Riders Relations

Tom comes to Chesterfield South Carolina via West Pittsburg Pennsylvania where he worked and played. He has been connected with the motocross world through racing and wrenching with his sons and now his grandson Cameron McKinney.
Tom first came to Club MX in January 2012 with his grandson Cameron for a two week trial. After the two weeks, he returned to his job and retired in June becoming a full timer at Club. He has been here ever since. He brings a varied work experience with him from his 45 years of employment. Tom has a background in maintenance, production and over 25 years in management.
Along with his working career, Tom has been active in the Christian community. He started and ran “The Sonshine House” a Christian coffee house where people with little hope could come and find a warm and friendly place to be.
You can always find Tom on Wednesday nights at the chapel bringing inspired messages and an understanding to people’s problems and circumstances.
Tom can always be reached by riders and parents of riders at any time to discuss issues of concern. He has an open door policy and eager to help as needed. He is Club MX liaison, “the guy to get in touch with”. He also helps coordinate the jobs that need to be done at Club.
So whether it’s an issue that needs to be addressed, chapel services, contractor issues or broken items around the facility, Tom is the guy to get ahold of. Many times Tom can get things moving. Along with Phil, Mike, Ben, Debra, Sara, Shauna and Brandon, Tom completes a solid line up of professionals staffing Club MX.

Greg Chidgey- Full Time Mechanic

Greg Chidgey is new to our team this year!  He has been riding for 10 years and working on bikes long before he had any formal training. He graduated from a 2 year program studying power sports at Georgian College.  Greg is originally from Canada and worked for 3 years at a busy, in demand shop called D4 Performance. His experience and skills are an excellent addition to the team. Come visit the club shop for any of your bikes needs (A clean washed bike, tires changed , motor and suspension work and more)! Greg can be found at the club shop with his loyal friend, Kawi, the husky!

Deacon Haas - Grounds Security, Riders Best Friend

Deacon came to ClubMX riding shotgun with Brandon from day one. He logged in many hours alongside Brandon in the dozer and patrolling the grounds morning to night. Every morning you will find him running the property, often ending up on the steps of the door waiting for Ms. Tonie to give him left over food from breakfast. Deacon is a Boxer dog who truely loves all the kids here at ClubMX and enjoys barking at the UPS man every day.